Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Ducks at Dusk

We have spent hours and hours traveling by local bus across Bangladesh over the past eight weeks. While traveling I never got tired of staring out the window, I found myself in a constant state of wonderment. Even as certain sights were no longer as shocking as in the beginning(how can an entire season's crop fit on a single bicycle rickshaw and how is a ten year old driving it???), I still find what I see to be almost miraculous. I feel honored to witness the fleeting seconds that are glimpses into another person's life.

I have so much to write about and so much to share, but as time runs out (at this point we are working from waking to sleep) I can only share brief thoughs.

I spent my 21st birthday in Srimongal and Sylhet, with Patricia and Ethan (my wonderful partner who came all the way to Bangladesh to visit me for the past two weeks). With the massive amount of work to do for this project, it was our only opportunity to experience the country while not working with BRAC.

The day before my birthday, during a 2.5 hour bumpy CNG (motor rickshaw) ride back from a stunning day at a waterfall (where we swam in our salwar kameezes for a few glorious hours), we suddenly ran into a group of hundreds of ducks that were being herded. We stopped for 15 minutes and on a random road and with random people, we watched the sunset. These moments sometimes seem the most special, the interactions with people whose lives we just happened to intersect...

Rickshaw wallah hanging out

One of the duck herders

The other herder

I was so captivated by this girl's beauty. She is what I will think of when I think of Bangladesh


  1. great picture annie ...i am proud i was with you on that time ... good shoot ...

  2. Real Photographer. I am really impressed to look at the picture. Great Annie